18 February 2020

Completely autonomous at Soenen Hendrik: The operator only has to place the profiles on the loading table, then the production line processes everything automatically.



For Soenen Hendrik, everything in-house also means monitoring the quality. "As a machine manufacturer  and through the direct contact with the customer, we can react immediately to their needs," says Jürgen Dekeyser.
Today, this need primarily affects even greater automation. "The advantages are obvious: they eliminate the problem of personnel recruitment, human errors are eliminated, the personnel are used for other activities and each profile is processed as expected and planned."
Simply place the profiles on the loading table. "This is the only thing the operator has to do. Then you can let the production line work with peace of mind. The profiles are automatically introduced, processed, cuted, labeled and sorted."
At the Polyclose, Soenen Hendrik showed that this is not a myth: with an installation of 25 m in length, the company has shown what autonomy can be achieved today. "We are proud of our unique achievements on the market". 


Total solution

Automatic processing can be carried out on window and door profiles made of both aluminum and PVC. "In fact, we can do all kinds of machining on bar profiles, which means that we are also interested in other areas of activity, such as gates, railings, winter gardens, manufacturers of automatic entrances ..."
Soenen Hendrik also offers complete solutions for processing profiles. “This means that the main and secondary profiles or the glazing beads are processed on the same machine. 


Profile independent

Soenen Hendrik also took care of the software. “We work in open source so that our software is compatible with all programs on the market. The customer can therefore work independently of the profile and the profile manufacturer.



Many visitors of the Polyclose were enthusiastic about the solutions that Soenen Hendrik offers today. The 25 m long autonomous production line surprised more than one at the fair.

Soenen Hendrik also presented his virtual 3D glasses at the Polyclose. “Whoever wears it can see immediately where the new machine can be installed in the workshop and how big it is. This offers many advantages: The customer can see in advance the consequences of the installation, this avoids unpleasant surprises during the installation. All necessary adjustments are made before and not afterwards. “The company also uses the virtual 3D glasses for the after-sales service. "The customer visualizes the machine through his glasses and we can directly follow him and tell him what to do to solve the problem."