type Q4 Computer controlled horizontal 4-head welder

type Q4

Computer controlled horizontal 4-head welder

  • Automatic welding of 4 angles 90° in 1 working cycle
  • Automatic charging cycle with full NC-positioning of the welding heads units
  • Automatic outfeed system of welded frame
  • The machine is CE-labeled and conforms to all latest security requirements, and the four welding heads are covered with a metal cover for operator’s security
  • Practically unlimited capabilities
  • All types of profiles
  • Possibility to equip the machine with automatic contourblocks (option).
    Multifunctional contourblocks allow to weld a wide range of profiles.
    Multifunctional contourblocks are set automatically to the required profile and are controlled automatically from the program of the machine, no intervention of the operator is required,
    this results in an important gain in time

  • Profile cross-section capability: height 200 mm - width 140 mm
  • Dimension capability: min. inside 150 x 250 mm & max. outside 3150 x 3600/5000
  • Welding of multiple different profile-types into one frame
  • Insertion of pre-welded transom (“H”)
  • Machine can be equipped (option) to automatically mount, drill and screw the mechanical transoms during welding cycle, with a possibility to mount 1 or 2 transoms in 1 cycle. This results in an enormous gain in mounting time
  • Welding of doorframe with or without doorstep (option)
  • Possibility to weld wood-imitation (option)
  • Perfect welding quality
  • Possibility to drill the hinges on the sash during welding cycle (option)
  • Every welding head unit is separately controlled for all weld parameters
  • Electronic regulation of all weld parameters with direct read-out on screen
  • Electronic temperature regulation of heating plates and restrictors with digital readout and alarm
  • Automatic adjustment of fusing time to the different profile cross-sections
  • Automatic correction system for each piece of the frame, to compensate sawing tolerances between +5 & -2 mm
  • The two rear heads are individually adjustable from the control screen to obtain perfectly square frames
  • Own design and production department for perfectly fitting supportblocs
  • Perfect weld limitation white/colour with secure anglestrength
  • Automation of operation= faultless production
  • Listing of welding jobs from windowprogramm, scroll function and barcode reader
  • Frame and sash weldable with same supportbloc through automatic adjustment of the welding heads
  • “Theoretical dimension = welded dimension” (NC-positioning at 1/10 mm) allows glazing beads to be precut in optimised order
  • Welding production report per period (day/week/month)
  • Solid Soenen Hendrik construction adressed to quality and durability
  • Possibility to add a welding system for prefitted gaskets
  • Possibility to integrate the machine into a fully automatic welding and cleaning line, including corner- and/or transom cleaning, with turning station, sending through all data about profiletype, colour, gaskets and the operations to be executed
  • PLC-control - PC of the latest generation
  • The machine can be operated manually or a joblist generated from any commercial window program can be loaded
  • Frame recognition with barcode reader
  • On screen display (text and pictures) of automatic faultdiagnostic on control program
  • Gasket welding limitation systems are subject to a separate offer depending on the composition and the form of the gasket itself, plus the desired finish
  • Easy customer programming of new profile sections
  • Remote - assistance with Logmein