type RTT/2 Universal 2 (3,4)-head turret welder

type RTT/2

Universal 2 (3,4)-head turret welder

  • This machine offers the solution for a high volume of transom welds to a high quality standard
  • Welding of one transom in one working cycle through inside turning of both heads
  • Welding of two transoms to frame profile piece in one working cycle
  • Possibility to realize cross welds on this machine, or extra small sash sizes
  • Exists in 2 / 3 / 4 head version
  • All heads are equiped with V-shaped heating plates
  • Central and individual operation per welding head
  • Quick change system for the contour blocs
  • Quick reversal from corner – to transom weld
  • Both clamps per welding head have individual airpressure regulator
  • Clamp and welding pressure are separately adjustable
  • The heads travel on a precision ground bar (guide axle), bolted to a welded and cut undercarriage for optimal weld results
  • Machine with high productivity and very high welding precision
  • An electronic security system prohibits the start of the welding cycle as long as the temperature parameters have not been reached
  • All restrictors are hardened and chromed for long life; restriction 0,2 mm, allowing welding of woodimitation and coloured profiles without any problem
  • Electronic temperature control of heating plate and restrictors with digital readout and alarm
  • Electronic control of working cycle through programmable logic controller (plc) with fault diagnostic
  • Automatic adjustment of fusing time in function of different profile sections
  • Automatic removal (“stepping aside”) of fixed welding head after each working cycle, making the drawing out of the welded transom of frame much easier for the operator, plus avoiding manual positioning of the free head for repeated dimensions