type BFP DUPLEX CNC double corner cleaner with turning station


CNC double corner cleaner with turning station

  • Complete and automatic, cnc controlled, corner cleaning machine: white, coulour, round forms convexo & concave, inside angle of french frame, …
  • Unlimited possibilities: all types of profiles, combinations of different profiles. To suit your productionflow available in a left to right - or right to left version
  • Speed and automation: the four CNC axes driven double tool holder enables exceptional high performance, no operator needed at the machine - automated transport system from welding machine towards corner cleaner and after cleaning of the weldings away from the machine
  • Automation of the machine command à faultless production
  • Electronic profile detection
  • Selection of the profile type by means of barcode or online
  • Network connection with a 4 or 6 heads welding machine
  • Automatic detection of transoms and mullions
  • Ready for your future demands: reliable “Soenen Hendrik” construction, state of the art technology, total freedom on settings level allowing any profile to be processed
  • Available in two versions: left to right, or right to left
  • Linear and circular interpolation
  • High frequency motors, non-stop adjustable speeds
  • Widia sawblade for cleaning outer contour of welded frame
  • All movements and speeds are adjustable from the command screen
  • Selection grooving or flat cleaning
  • Selection profile with or without prefitted gasket
  • Possibility to clean angle combination of two different profile types
  • PLC-control - PC of the latest generation with INTEL processor
  • The machine can be operated manually (selection of profiles and operations on the pc screen), or can have automatic profile detection
  • A joblist generated from any commercial windowprogramm can be loaded via floppy disk or via network cable transfer, or even more efficient, can be send through from four head welder eliminating the specific operator for this machine
  • Possibility to work with a barcode reader
  • On screen display (text and pictures) of automatic faultdiagnostic on control program
  • Easy customer programming of new profile sections