type BF/S Automatic corner cleaner

type BF/S

Automatic corner cleaner

  • Two milling motors for cleaning outside contour of welded frame (frame and sash)
  • Two grooving units for grooving top and bottom surfaces of the profile
  • Scanning system on grooving units
  • A constant high-quality groove is guaranteed through hydraulic feed of the grooving units
  • Automatic working cycle through inserting of frame into the corner cleaner
  • Automatic adjustment of clamping system when different profile heights
  • Easy adjustment of milling and grooving depth
  • In case of acrylor profiles or wood imitation, the grooving units can be switched off separately
  • All guidings on hardened and sharped axes with linear ball bearings
  • Electronic control of working cycle through programmable logic controller (plc) and equipped with fault diagnostic
  • Can be extended with drilling unit for gasket holes in- and outside