type MGR Automatic CNC reinforcement cutting saw

type MGR

Automatic CNC reinforcement cutting saw

  • Manual loading of reinforcing profiles of max. 6,5 m (also restpieces)
  • Automatic servo gripper who loads the profile in the sawing machine
  • Positioning of the profile on steel rolls
  • Positioning servo motor with gear and rack
  • Protected by a light  barrier and double-hand protection
  • Metal saw diameter 350 mm
  • Adjustable on 2 different speeds
  • Saw movement adjustable hydraulic movement
  • Pneumatic controlled profile clamp
  • Automatic cooling system on the saw-blade
  • Conveyer for rest pieces
  • Output table with conveyer
  • Stock for storage of  +/- 25 profiles
  • PC servo control
  • This machine can be controlled through network from a window program
  • Can also be controlled automatic from a PVC-machining centre- when is sawing a PVC-profile automatic a reinforcement profile is sawed