type DEM 12 CNC automatic profile machining centre

DEM 12

CNC automatic profile machining centre

  • Automatic loader with 6500 mm useful length
  • Minimum length: 500 mm
  • Consists of 8 basic units with chains and Stainless Steel profile supports
  • Load capacity: 12 profiles plus 1 profile in operation
  • Fully automatic loading of new profile length
  • Input speed can be adjusted from screen and cnc control
  • Positioning is controlled by cnc motor
  • 8 axes cnc, standard length to be operated 6500 mm
  • Throughput through machine with automatic servo gripper
  • Positioning on linear guiding with automatic lubrication
  • Numeric positioning of gripper in function of the width and / or the height of the profile
  • Sensor in servo gripper for accurate grip
  • Numeric controlled horizontal positioning of the gripper
  • Programmable positioning speed, servo motor
  • Covered by noise insulating cabinet
  • Two saw motors 2,2 KW: 45° & 135° moving up and down by servo motor
  • Saw blades  500 mm diameter
  • Saw unit 90° with 420 saw blade
  • “V”-cut with cnc regulated depth positioning  (on one side of the profile)
  • Automatic cutting of arrow heads on both sides of the profile
  • Automatic cycle to cut truncated V with cnc depth positioning
  • Automatic cycle to cut trapezoid arrowheads
  • Automatic positioning for minimum profile loss
  • Speed of sawing unit can be regulated
  • Installed with connections for exhaustion
  • 1 export system on transverse table, length 3m
  • PLC-control - PC of the latest generation
  • Input jobs via disk or through network
  • On screen display (text and pictures) of automatic fault diagnostic on control program
  • Options:
  1. Label printer with adhering unit
  2. Double export system, e.g. for separation of profiles to be reinforced or not
  3. Optimisation on machine level with barcode reader (= management of rest pieces)
  4. Modem connection
  5. Dust exhaustion
  6. Waste transport band