type DEM/ALU Cutting- & machining centre for aluminium profiles

type DEM/ALU

Cutting- & machining centre for aluminium profiles

  • Soenen offers a REAL and innovated solution to machining problems that other machinery just don’t acknowledge. 
  • With 23 CNC axes, controlled by Fanuc system (world leader of automation and robotics in the automotive industry) manual settings on the machine are no longer necessary.
  • Loading station is completely profile independent and equipped with an on 4 CNC axes controlled profile clamp.
  • The milling system is equipped with 15 high-frequency motors, spread over 2 tool holders. Each tool holder can simultaneously perform operations, both on 3 CNC axes.
  • Transom profiles: The cutters are adjusted by 3 CNC-controlled axes to the correct depth and height. This allows any end milling operation to be programmed.
  • Cutting section: The saw is controlled totally numeric and is fully configurable per profile, thus you get the best efficiency and the perfect cutting result.
  • Fully automated labeling on servo axis.
  • Export table: the export system is equipped with 2 servo-controlled grippers that export the pieces at high speed and without friction on any surfaces. The grippers positions the pieces on the export table with speed and accuracy therefore allowing for very large storage capacity of finished pieces.
  • A unique system has been developed so as to have a minimum of contact with the profile during the movement of the profiles: as a result, the chance of damage is avoided.