type DVE Double mitre saw

type DVE

Double mitre saw

  • Cutting of u-PVC, aluminium (position of the saw blades assures a cut without burrs) or wood
  • Length frame 5000 mm with one fixed head and the other with electronic positioning
  • Available in two versions: feeding profiles from the left, or from the right
  • Roller table 4000 mm at fixed head
  • Saw blades Dia 500 mm
  • Two automatic profile supports guarantee perfect support of the profile when cutting long pieces
  • Cutting waste exported to the backside of the machine
  • Automatic horizontal and vertical clamping of the profile without adjustment between different profile sections
  • Saw heads provided with a dust suction connector, dia. 80
  • Can be equipped with spray system for cooling liquid when used for aluminium
  • Hydro - pneumatic movement of the saw blades
  • Full electronic angle positioning between 22,5° & 135° (1/40 degree) on both heads, avoiding sawing tolerances caused by varying profile heights or widths
  • Following the optimisation of your window program, cutting one or two profiles in one cycle
  • Control program contains optimisation module, easy management of rest pieces
  • Automatic cutting cycle for minimum cutting length (< 480 mm)
  • Automatic cutting cycle for maximum cutting length (> 4400 mm)
  • Automatic cutting cycle for alum corner pieces
  • Automatic cutting cycle for arrow head
  • In feed roller-table for efficient loading of the profile
  • The machine can be operated manually or a job list generated from any commercial window program can be loaded via floppy disk or via network cable transfer
  • On screen display (text and pictures) of automatic fault diagnostic on control program
  • Options: label printer / dust extractor / automatic outfeed of waste into container (double belt system)
  • Label printer