tipo MT/CNC Mesa de herrajes CNC

tipo MT/CNC

Mesa de herrajes CNC

Pre-mounting table:

  • Table 3m*1,5m, height same as exit corner cleaner
  • Operation : sash arrives with the labels coming from the  machining centre, the operator scans the sash and all the  specifications are represented in figures and per piece on the  screen
  • Mounting of hardware + these to be cut, metal scissors –  crémone (espanjolet)
  • A length stop is positioned automatic for cutting the hardware
  • Only clips hardware is valid to work with an MT/CNC
  • There is a rack for hardware storage on top of the pre-mounting table
  • Equiped with screen, keyboard, pc, bar code reader, manual screw machine on fixed on balance

Table fixation automatic hardware:

  • To place left or right
  • The sashe is placed manual on the table
  • The cycle is started with bi-manual control
  • The clamping passes automatic
  • The screw machine fixes all the hardware automatic with data including the pivot OB, with 2 different lengths of screws (one for the hardware, one for the pivot)
  • When the middle-pivot is pre-drilled in the centre, the fixation passes also automatic
  • 2 sorts of screws and 2 automatic loaders
  • The cycle necessary to fix the hardware for f.ex. an OB 800mm*1000mm, in less than 1 minute (depends on mark and kind of hardware)
  • Dimensions minimum : window opening 180mm*180mm, dimensions maximum outside 1400*2400 mm
  • Output table to evacuate the finished sliding window, 3000mm*1500mm
  • Possibility to place the finished sliding window automatic on the output table
  • The automatic cycle is protected by a light barrier